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With our  DESIGN & FEA experience you can profit from our long term expertise in many mature engineering industries. In addition, you can benefit from our continued investment in the latest engineering disciplines, such as Biomedical & MEMS applications.

Projects Gallery and non-confidential case studies will show you the breadth of our expertise. Some areas are described briefly here. Whatever your application, simply contact us to find out if we can help you.


Aerospace, automotive experience includes FEA of reinforced composite components for aircraft, transient dynamics analysis of structures.


Automotive experience includes Design & development of BIW components. Vibration, fatigue assessment of automotive components & structural integrity of earth-moving equipments.

We follow customer specific standards like C3P, NISA etc.


Defense related projects have been undertaken for the MOD & subcontractors, conforming to the necessary security and confidentiality requirements for this type of work.

Electrical Equipment and Electronics

Thermal and dynamic analysis of PCBs & electronic components has been undertaken for high integrity applications

Electronic System Cooling is also performed by us..

Failure Assessment

Failure assessment & expert advice for use in arbitration is often provided. FEA has been used to predict stress concentrations, plastic strains & crack initiation & subsequent propagation.

Design Optimisation

Services to optimise designs in conjunction with FEA are available. Previous optimisation projects have targeted manufacturing costs, production techniques, strength/stiffness, weight & material selection.

Biomedical Engineering / Medical Equipments

FEA is a key tool in the development of the latest biomedical technology. Significant skills, backed by industry leading software, are offered in this area.

Product design and Industrial Design, Ergonomics are the key areas where you can get the best of it.


Simulation of forming, rolling, extrusion processes, involving the deformation of metal or other manufactured materials, can be extremely cost-effective. Previous consulting work includes the investigation of cold forming die failures, the prediction of distortion of forged railway components during cooling, & the formability assessment of automotive pressed components.

Rotating Machinery

With an established reputation in this specialised field, numerous projects have included investigating structural failures & foundation design & modelling machine dynamics.

Industrial Design

Industrial design of consumer products. Aesthetics, Ergonomics, ease of manufacturing are coupled with international stanadards. 

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