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Services from Milestone PLM SOLUTIONS PVT LTD
 CAD & Finite element analysis (FEA) can be used to simulate most physical systems. Milestone have extensive experience in delivering  world   class solutions to industries with problems in the following areas. Select the area most appropriate for your requirements to learn about the application-specific capabilities available-
Mechanical Engineering - CAD - CAM

Milestone have great capability to carry out any CAD or Reverse Engineering Project in any CAD platform. Our dedicated efforts and experienced team make almost any problem simplified. see more for CAD-CAM services.
Mechanical Engineering - CAE

Milestone have good experience in solving structural,  thermal & manufacturing problems for the aerospace, automotive, biomedical and general mechanical industries. We supply the latest in CAD-integrated solutions for both upfront design and detailed verification. see more for CAE services.
Meshing Services

If you are involved in any type of numerical analysis, the chances are that you will need to generate a mesh or grid on complex geometry at some point. If this an occasional requirement or you do not have the tools (or time) to create accurate yet efficient meshes to solve your problems, why not let us do the work for you?

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